Uber Micro is a one man band repair workshop. Providing solutions for all types of gaming consoles laptops and tablets. With over 15 years I.T support / systems admin and 20 + years console modding & repairing experience, Uber Micro can offer a plethora of solutions even down to micro soldering and water damage repairs.

Why Choose Uber Micro Repairs?

We don’t like to mess around, we listen to the problem and offer you a repair / solution to that problem. A no nonsense approach to providing a repair solution for you. We get that you maybe upset that your device is broken, you maybe sheepish to explain the complete fault to us, you may even be angry. No problem a solution can be found. If not, which has been the case we can point you in the right direction.

Free Repair Estimate

Quick and accurate turnaround is paramount so your estimate will be with you within 24 hours of dropping off or shipping in. What this means we’ll tell you what is most likely wrong with the device with a cost. If the repair is more ambiguous we will offer you a “best case” price and turnaround time or “worst case” price and turnaround. From that you can make the best choice.
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