N64 Joystick Parts


These are replacement parts for the N64 joystick. these are parts which are most commonly causing joystick movement issues.


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Perfect to refurbish your old worn out N64 controller.

You will receive:

1x White bowle

2x Black gears

1x Clear Stick

Here is a video of how to install these parts. https://youtu.be/IPXgVSyL_rI

the bowl part is a replacement for the bowl in which the two gears sit into (white in color).

the thumbstick is the part which sticks up and out of the controller for control.

the gear set set includes two gears needed to replace the two in the original part.

the gears and bowls are made from polyoxymethylene (POM) for durability and better movement. the thumbstick is ABS


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