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PS5 Playstation 5 HDMI Port Replacement MAIL IN REPAIR


100% Brand new HDMI ports used.


With every HDMI repair the console will get the following reconditioning done to it:

  1. Complete clean out of fan, heatsink, BR Drive and PSU.
  2. Warranty seals kept intact where possible.


PS5 HDMI port repair.

> HDMI port looks physically damaged
> Pins bent inside
> HDMI port is loose
> Console still powers up and the light turns from blue to white with no signal displayed


Mail In Request
Please note that we are unable to perform repairs sent to us from outside of the UK due to the increased shipping costs and lead times and the potential customs charges. However, orders for spare parts can be shipped worldwide.
Make sure you select the correct device so that we can advise you correctly!



Uber Micro offers a mail in HDMI repair service for the new PS5 console.

Repairs carried out:

  1. HDMI port replace / repair.
  2. Broken HDMI traces.
  3. Full 1.5 hours testing.




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