XBOX ONE Console HDMI Repair



Uber Micro offers a mail in HDMI repair service for all XBOX One consoles.

Repairs carried out:

  1. HDMI port replace / repair
  2. HDMI IC Replace
  3. Broken HDMI traces
  4. Blowen or missing component on the HDMI curcit.

With every HDMI repair the console will get the following reconditioning done to it:

  1. New high quality Thermal compound on the APU
  2. Complete clean out of fan, heatsink, BR Drive and PSU.
  3. Warranty seals kept intact where possible.

Instruction for booking a repair:

  1. Contact me here or over facebook: UBER MICRO REPAIRS
  2. Describe or send video / pictures of the issue.
  3. Once we confirm the issue send in the console.
  4. I’ll confirm the repair is complete.
  5. Add this to your basket and complete payment
  6. The Console will be post back via signed for delivery.

Repairs will be completed ready to post back the next day once payment is completed.


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