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Flush Cutter Plato 170 Side Cutters


Assemblers love its effortless shearing action, comfort, light weight, and safety for electronics lead cutting. Try a new experience in effortless lead cutting. Plato shear requires 50% less operator effort and has a longer cutting life than conventional cutters because it shears rather than bites.  And cushioned handles provide daylong comfort. Plato shear has a thin profile designed for those hard-to- get-at areas in electronic assembly where conventional cutters can’t reach.

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The Plato 170 flush cutter is a great tool to have for anyone working with electronics or 3D printing. Cut copper wire up to 18 AWG in size. Built in spring return mechanism for easy one hand operation.

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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 22.5 × 16.0 × 0.2 cm


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